Revolutionary Measures

Cycling’s marketing Tour de Force

Getting interest in your sporting event has never been harder. The prevalence of football in the UK, the sheer range of sports available (from water polo to three day eventing), supposedly shortening attention spans, and the wonderful British weather all conspire to make marketing your sport a tough job.

One event that seems to be bucking the trend though is the Tour of Britain cycle race, currently on its penultimate stage. As a cycling nut, and as it was starting close by, I signed up as a marshal (getting to wear a fluorescent bib of power) and came away really impressed with the set-up, friendliness and inclusiveness of the whole thing. And I wasn’t the only one, as the large crowds demonstrated.

The main advantage cycling has is that it takes the sport to the people – as it is run on open roads you can just turn up and watch, for free. But it combines this with a friendliness that means that at stage starts you can mingle (and chat with) the riders in a way that you can never do at a football match. Add in the health benefits of cycling, a strong marketing push to get schools out to watch the riders pedal by, good local PR, great social media (real time twitter commentary for example) and you have a recipe for success. Obviously cycling has had its problems in the past but I think it is time we started looking at riders such as Bradley Wiggins and Lance Armstrong as role models rather than the likes of Wayne Rooney and John Terry…………

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