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Web kills the football fanzine…

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There’s been lots talked about the death of print media and how publishers and journalists respond – in fact many of my posts have been about this very subject.

But the move online is now affecting a vital cornerstone of British footballing life – the fanzine. An antidote to the often saccharine official football programme, written and produced by fans for fans, they have become as much a part of the matchday experience as a pie and cup of Bovril (or glass of Chablis and prawn sandwich for those that visit Old Trafford).

Fanzines face the same challenges as the rest of the media world – a combination of falling sales and the rise of the web. This means that paper-based ‘zines are being replaced by online versions, which combine news with (hopefully) considered comment and eclectic contributions from fans of all shapes and sizes.

Going into this season, justifiably famous Ipswich Town fanzine/website Those Were the Days (TWTD), has stopped producing a print edition, with editor Phil Ham explaining that it was a simple matter of economics – with the fanzine selling around 1,000 copies compared to 15,000+ users a day on the web. And TWTD is not alone, with many other fanzines going online-only across the footballing world.

While I understand the inevitability of it all, it is still a sad day for true fans – after all it’s a lot harder to read a website while eating your pie at half time……

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  1. Darn tootin’

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