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Wayne Rooney – the PR battle commences

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It hasn’t been a good year for Wayne Rooney. Caught cavorting with prostitutes while his wife was pregnant, suffering from nagging injuries and a poor World Cup, his brand is very much flatlining.

So the publication of the news that he’s refused to sign a new contract with Manchester United adds to his PR woes – particularly as he’s achieved the unrivalled feat of getting Sir Alex Ferguson to talk in depth to the media rather than ducking the issue. Given Ferguson normally talks to the press under deep sufferance, this shows how seriously the club is taking the issue. Cue the headlines talking about betrayal and why he should never play for the club again.

Against this onslaught Rooney’s best tactic is actually to do what he’s doing – say nothing and focus on football. He’s not going to win United fans round, particularly if he ends up across town at Manchester City, so it isn’t worth opening his mouth and potentially putting his foot in it. Better to keep schtum, get fit and let his agent take the flak. Maybe a spot of charity work with his family, but don’t make it too obvious.

As with the previous convoluted transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, the PR battle will probably be long, vitriolic and (to the vast number of us who don’t give a stuff about Manchester United) tedious. Still, at least the tabloids have plenty to write about until the January transfer window opens – it might even push X Factor off the front pages………….

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  1. Of course, straight after I praise Rooney’s PR nous for keeping his mouth shut he then opens it and criticises the club for lack of ambition

    Not a smart PR move

    Comment by Chris Measures | October 21, 2010 | Reply

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