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Facebook, by Royal Appointment

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Demonstrating that you underestimate silver surfers at your peril, the Queen has now added Facebook to her list of social media networks. The new page, which went live on Monday was liked by 40,000 users in its first hour, even though you cannot do anything as undignified as ‘friend’ or ‘poke’ the monarch. The Daily Express even managed to cover it without mentioning Diana.

Behind the hype, this is another smart piece of PR by the British Royal Family, though surprising that it has taken them so long to join the world’s dominant social network. Previously the monarchy has launched a YouTube channel as well as joining Flickr and Twitter – but not MySpace as the Queen agrees it is pants.

This is all part of the ongoing repositioning of the royals as in touch, necessary and having an understanding of the populace they rule. And generally it is working. Given the monarchy’s reputation ten years ago, this is a case study in how you rebuild a brand, using content that people want to make it relevant in changing times. It may not be a full conversation but it is something that a lot of struggling companies should study.

The only question I have is what’s next? Swap fruit and veg with Prince Charles on Lourish? Employ Prince Andrew via LinkedIn? Follow Fergie’s jetset lifestyle through FourSquare? The possibilities are endless………….

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