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Can Tiger tweet his way back to the top?

Tiger Woods
Image by Richard Carter via Flickr

It’s coming up to a year since Tiger Wood’s infamous car accident that destroyed his squeaky clean reputation by opening the lid on a string of extra-marital affairs. And he’s ‘marking’ the anniversary through a concerted campaign to resurrect his reputation through both conventional and social media. A bylined article in Newsweek and a carefully orchestrated ESPN radio interview is being backed by a new website and Woods launching himself onto Twitter.

While this has initially pulled in the punters (217,000 followers as I write this post) I think he (or his PR team) is in danger of missing the point with social media. They obviously see Twitter as a great way to circumvent the press and rebuild his fanbase but he’s going to need to open up and engage more if he doesn’t want to just be a 9 day wonder. Fair enough, Woods is a notoriously private person but his tweets so far have been anodyne to the point of inducing narcolepsy. I’m not expecting him to spill the beans on his sex life in 140 characters, but we want something interesting and from the heart, not the corporate guidelines.

Having watched the excellent When Playboys Ruled the World, on the hell-raising antics of F1’s James Hunt and motorcycling’s Barry Sheene it makes me wonder how they’d take to Twitter – probably with more entertaining messages than “The best part about phone interviews is getting to wear shorts”……………



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