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Throwing a lifeline to SMEs

Growing a small/medium sized (SME) business isn’t easy at the best of times. Managing directors and owners have to possess an incredibly wide range of skills, often way outside their core competencies if they are to compete with the big boys. And there isn’t normally the safety net of a multinational’s deep pockets if something goes wrong.

Add in the current economic downturn and things get even harder. Given the number and variety of businesses within the sector SMEs need to be the engine for recovery to balance out public sector cuts. But like any engine you need the right fuel, which in the case of SMEs are skills and money. I’m not going to go into banks and their lending policies but a new event aims to deliver the skills and motivation that the people running SMEs actually need.

Called the Big Business Mastery Weekend (disclosure – Measures Consulting client), it provides the practical training that companies need, in one place, from top trainers like entrepreneurship guru and author Robert Craven. So rather than death by PowerPoint, delegates actually get involved and learn things that they can put into effect with their own organisations. Split into the key skills of sales, marketing, time management, profitability, leadership and social media, the aim is to give businesses the knowledge and motivation to immediately create a plan that will grow their company.

Based on a US model, the first Big Business Mastery Weekend will be held on 9/10 July 2011 at the Hilton Hotel, Coventry. Early bird tickets start at £546 plus VAT and can be booked online or by calling 0207 870 1097 (to get early bird rates just quote discount code BBMC when booking). Let’s hope that SMEs embrace the chance to equip themselves with the skills they need – for the good of the entire UK economy.

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