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Thank you Vodafone?

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Vodafone appears to have forgotten the old adage of never talking about religion or politics. Despite, like other mobile companies, switching off its network during the Egyptian uprising at the behest of the then government, it appears to be determined to grab the glory for removing Hosni Mubarak from power.

Firstly its agency JWT created an internal advert in June that seemed to take credit for the revolution. And now it has begun an ad campaign that encourages Egyptians to send thank you tweets to their families and friends under the hashtag #vodafoneshokran (thank you Vodafone). By using social media it has put its foot in it (not for the first time) as it opens a channel for angry Egyptians to complain at its behaviour. Example tweets of ‘Thanks for cutting off communications during the revolution, I was dead worried about my family and friends’ demonstrate the sense of outrage within the country.

Whether Vodafone had a choice about switching off its network is debatable – however appearing to then try and grab the glory is always going to grate with consumers. Vodafone’s actions haven’t just affected its reputation, but its financial performance as well. The growth rate of the company in Egypt has slumped by 80 per cent, demonstrating that yet again it is time for companies to think before they tweet.




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