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The power of ideas

The last few years has seen technology spread into every part of our lives. Most people in the UK are now connected to the internet, smartphone usage has rocketed and IT literacy is higher than ever before. And while it isn’t universal this trend is also being played out around the world, with those in the developing world using technology in a whole range of areas, whether for communication as seen during the Arab Spring or paying via smartphone in countries such as Kenya.

The creation of this technology infrastructure provides a platform for change in areas as diverse as health, education, finance, community and the environment, both in the West and around the world.

The great news is that this opportunity is driving a rush of new ideas that apply technology to make a positive impact on people’s lives, while creating sustainable businesses. However there’s plenty more that can be done – lots of ideas simply fall by the wayside as they lack the external support to develop into real products and services.

Helping more of these ideas succeed is therefore of critical importance. That’s why I’m really excited to be involved in Idea Transform, a new programme that aims to support meaningful entrepreneurs and help them succeed. Created in partnership with the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL), Idea Transform will help those developing innovative ideas turn them into sustainable businesses through a programme that combines events, mentoring and targeted support.

The first event in the Idea Transform programme will take place between 20-22 April 2012 at the Cambridge Judge Business School. It aims to team up people with ideas and those with business, marketing and technical skills to work together intensely over the weekend in order to develop meaningful and innovative projects. Attendees will benefit from a combination of hands-on, experienced mentors and inspiring keynote speakers to provide the perfect environment to learn, advance their ideas and network with like-minded individuals.

So if you’ve got an idea, business/tech skills or simply want to get involved in exciting projects led by interesting people then take a look at Idea Transform and get involved!

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