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The BBC has a big piece today on how charity Cancer Research UK is making a concerted attempt to update relevant sections of Wikipedia. Hardly earthshattering as news – all companies should be monitoring/updating relevant Wikipedia content, though many quite obviously don’t. Working directly with Wikipedia, Cancer Research UK’s subject experts will update a wide range of content relating to cancer, from symptoms to the latest research.

What’s interesting to me (and should be a wake up call to all marketers) is that it shows that compelling content alone isn’t enough on the web. When it comes to getting people to view your information, SEO is king.

Cancer Research UK has realised this – it knows that in a simple search Wikipedia is going to be higher up the list than its own site and people believe what they read on Wikipedia. So it is taking smart action to get its message to the right people. Wikipedia benefits from the addition of expert pages and web surfers have a better chance of accessing the latest information, rather than dangerously out of date or inaccurate content. Everyone wins. It’s a tactic that other marketers should be looking to copy, no matter what industry they are in.


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